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Hot Chili Peppers / Capsaicin Diabetes Blood Glucose Control

I have found a great benefit to my type 2 diabetes blood glucose control in capsaicin (the active compound which makes hot peppers hot - the same thing used in pepper sprays). I have used a variety of hot peppers including both dried hot chili peppers, serrano chili pepper and fresh habanero peppers. Not surprisingly, as for your diabetes capsaicin is what matters not the source, all these peppers have a benefit. You will quickly get to know how much capsaicin you need to see a benefit simply by how hot your meal tastes to you.

I find that the habanero peppers are the most concentrated and readily available source of capsaicin for diabetes blood glucose control. The fresh habanero peppers when incorporated in a diabetic diet recipe easily give up the capsaicin without your having to add additional oil to 'extract the capsaicin' from the peppers as you must do with dried hot chili peppers.

For uncooked meals like salads, it is easy to use ground dried hot chili peppers. To get the most capsaicin benefit for diabetes blood glucose control, use only high quality dried chili peppers you grind yourself (a good coffee grinder will easily grind up the dried chili peppers). If you buy ground chili peppers (often sold as chili powder it will not have nearly the strength of fresh ground peppers).

You do not need to cook your meals to add chili powder or chili pepper to them. Pretty much all diabetes recipes can have some chili component added to give you the capsaicin blood glucose lowering benefits. See diabetic recipes cooking with hot chili peppers section, and the section on diabetic recipes using hot chili peppers without cooking.

Capsaicin Diabetes Fasting Blood Glucose Lowering Tests

I have found that incorporating even 1/2 to 1/3 of a moderate sized fresh habanero pepper in my cooked meals (more details on ingredients and diabetes recipes will follow) has a marked impact on lowering my fasting blood glucose levels. My fasting blood…

Capsaicin Diabetes Blood Glucose Lowering | Post Meals with Chili Peppers

When I include hot chili peppers (habanero peppers) as the source of capsaicin for diabetes blood glucose lowering benefits in my regular meals (I will describe these diabetes recipes in the next section), I see a pronounced lower blood glucose level 1…

Capsaicin Diabetes Blood Glucose Lowering Benefits | Day 2 Meals

I also find that the capsaicin diabetes blood glucose lowering benefits extend beyond the next day fasting blood glucose lowering (which fasting blood glucose lower effects I see the next day after I have had my final dinner meal with habanero peppers as…

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