What is a Diabetic Diet Plan? | Continuous Change

What is a Diabetic Diet Plan? Continuous Change

What is a diabetic diet plan? It is continuous change. It is rediscovery of healthy and nutritious foods that you forgot you liked to eat. It is new discovery of foods you didn't even know existed. It is a forced re-evaluation of your entire food orientation and an amazingly improved outlook as a result.

We re-discovered nuts and seeds. We re-discovered hot chili peppers. We re-discovered ginger in our wok cooking. We newly discovered the wonderful dragon fruit, the Tibetan goji berries (not the fad food we thought from all the goji berries health benefits claims).

In fact, we re-invented our whole way of looking at food and most importantly we now have an inkling of understanding food in a way we never had before. While we always liked nuts, and vegetables, we weren't conscious of what the real health benefits were of eating them! Same for fruits. The opposite for the bad and unhealthy foods. We never actually took a quantitative measure of what we ate. We knew certain behaviors were bad. We knew certain foods were bad. We knew certain foods were good, but we never did the real math to know quantitatively what we were putting into our body.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!