What is a Diabetic Diet Plan?

What is a diabetic diet plan? Well, as we fill in more and more of this website with foods which are enabling us to execute our strategy for a pill free and medication free dietary control of diabetes regimen and create a type two diabetes diet that works for us, we are more and more realizing that the answer to what is a typical diabetic diet plan is that a typical diabetic diet plan is a heart healthy, nutritious, fiber rich, invigorating and actually enjoyable alternative to our past eating habits and foods.

So what is a diabetic diet plan, really? Our original answer would have been that something like a vegetarian diabetic diet plan would be the typical diabetic diet plan for a type two diabetes diet like ours (but with fat free lean meats like chicken thrown into the mix!). Along with tossing in some lean meats for nutrition and protein, we are tossing out some things as well...

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!