Vegetarian Diabetic Diet Plan | A Natural Result

Nearly a Vegetarian Diabetic Diet Plan - a natural result of experimentation and finding what works: The fact that the diabetes diet system we have evolved is so much like a vegetarian diabetic diet meal plan is not coincidence really. The fact is that for anyone there is a huge amount of benefit to a vegetarian diet if carried out sensibly, but there are some common problems of the 100% vegetarian which are easily solved by modest consumption of meats. For us as an omnivore, the ability to sprinkle in meats, fish and shellfish where appropriate means that we can avoid some of the pitfalls of a 100% 'to the core' vegetarian diabetic diet plan.

We took as our goal to simply create a good diabetic diet and manage our diabetes through our own home grown diabetes diet and exercise program, and what we have arrived at without any predisposition to create a vegetarian diabetic diet plan is a nearly vegetarian diabetic diet. When our full diabetic diet menus are posted, it will be clear exactly what we mean by this - but suffice it to say that were it not for a few tidbits of meat here and there for the protein and additional nutrients they bring, we would in fact be on a 100% vegetarian diabetic diet simply from following common sense and pursuing what really works.

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