Diabetic Diet Recommendations - Look Ma! No Meats!

Diabetic diet recommendations? So how did we get to this nearly 100% vegetarian diabetic diet plan? We didn't read a bunch of diabetic diet tips about how great vegetarian diabetic diets are for our tummy! No one gave us the mythical book of diabetic diet secrets revealing the 7 day diabetes diet cure.  We made our spreadsheet into our own home-brew diabetic diet software. We started to make common sense diabetic diet meal plans based on the most reliable (meaning they made common sense to us from our ongoing research) diabetic diet recommendations aggregated from all the diabetes information sources we could mine. We slowly began to craft what has turned out to be a very healthy diabetic diet and an easy diabetic diet to follow now that we are past the first discovery phases - and becoming easier always.

How does does such a good diabetic diet relate to a vegetarian diabetic diet nearly meat free? The answer is twofold.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!