A Good Diabetic Diet Plan - Nearly a Vegetarian Diabetic Diet 

A Good Diabetic Diet Plan - approaching a vegetarian diabetic diet: So, what we wanted first and foremost was a good diabetic diet. The typical diabetic diet we heard about seemed suspect and pandering. We wanted to right from the outset to try to manage our type 2 diabetes solely through dietary control of diabetes and lifestyle changes (diabetes diet and exercise without pills and medications). Our first doctor immediately wanted us to start popping pills without even a discussion of any diabetic diet system at all - the typical response of a doctor out to make $$$ by shoving patients out the door as fast as possible with as many pills in their pockets as big pharma bribed him to recommend. We dropped him at once. His diabetic diet tips consisted of how many pills to take, not what diabetic diet foods might really help us truly reform our contributory lifestyle.

Since then, with a new doctor who has more a goal in mind to help address our type 2 diabetes through care and discipline rather than peddle the latest and most costly pills, we've been learning what is a diabetic diet really - by self monitoring and rigorous testing to find what works. What we are finding is that in the dried fruits we can eat (and fresh fruits as well), and the huge variety of vegetables, nuts, seeds, roots and leafy greens we get virtually everything we need to have all the diabetic diet foods we need to successfully implement our goal of dietary control of diabetes through diabetes diet and exercise (lifestyle intervention - so called). We never decided to step into a vegetarian diabetic diet plan, and we never abandoned meats (and we still have not), but meats have become a miniscule part of our diet now. Why?

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!