Tibetan Goji Berries | Himalayan Goji Berries

We were skeptical of the claimed health benefits of Tibetan goji berries when we first heard about goji juice, and we were wary as a type 2 diabetic of drinking any fruit juices as typically no matter what the fruit when it is taken as a juice the sugar is so readily available that it causes trouble - even though eating the same fruit as the fresh fruit (or even better as eating the dried fruit) may not cause the same degree of difficulty.

However, when we happened by chance to find where to buy dried goji berries at a nearby gourmet food store, we grabbed a few to test out the claims of the goji berries health benefits. At the time, we didn't even think to examine Tibetan goji berries diabetes benefits. We had simply been adding them to meals or to the diabetes dragonfruit salad meal for their texture and interesting flavor. They appeared to do no evil...

Just recently (we'll up up a full report and proper testing results shortly), we have tested them against the dragon fruit diabetes blood sugar control in the dragonfruit salad meal and found that the dried goji berries diabetes blood sugar lowering benefits are even more pronounced than for the dragonfruit.

While it is easy to dismiss Tibetan Goji Berries health benefits as hype, there appears to be more truth than fiction. We'll explore this in detail in the future.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!