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What non-diabetics will tell you.

A common belief of non-diabetics, including diabetic counselors and those in the medical profession is that you as a diabetic can simply take your old diet and convert it to a diabetic diet by simply replacing your processed grains with whole grains.

These folks will tell you that if you like pasta, just go ahead and eat pasta like you always have but make it whole wheat pasta. These folks will tell you that if you like to eat white rice, just go ahead and eat that same amount of rice - just be sure it is brown. These folks will tell you that if you like cupcakes and muffins, just make sure they are whole grain muffins and keep on eating.

Most likely these folks will be wrong.

I discuss this in the section the diabetes whole grains myth section.

Read the whole grains myth section to learn why!

If you are lucky, you may find otherwise for your diabetes - so be hopeful that you are one of the lucky ones and never see this problem in your diabetic diet results.

I will go into detail and show how this advice proved false for me. A solution for me I found in dried fruit vs. whole grains and fresh fruits.

The quick summary is that whole grains gave me elevated blood glucose levels which stayed elevated for prolonged periods in spite of intervention by exercise. Using the dietary control of diabetes regime I am using now, if I see my blood glucose level elevated, a modest amount of exercise will lower it and it does not go back up again until I have eaten more food.

When I was experimenting to determine if I could tolerate whole grains, even modest quantities of whole grains (including whole grains which are recommended specifically as ones more tolerated by diabetics) would bring my blood sugar up and keep it up for hours. Exercise during this time of elevated blood sugar suppressed the high blood sugar levels, but the high blood sugar levels returned again when I stopped exercising - even after substantial exercise.

I can't tell if this is unique to me. I will post the details of these tests.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!