Dried Fruit Salad for a Diabetic Diet Plan

I have found that the best and most convenient way for me to include fruit in diabetic dietary management procedures which are part of my dietary control of my type 2 diabetes is to include most of my diabetic fruits as dried fruits.

If you want a dried fruit salad for a diabetic friendly fruit salad, the first thing to realize is that while fruit salads for diabetics are possible, most likely for you, you will find that it is not your traditional fruit salad any longer - but instead something better and healthier for you than your plain old fruit salad of your pre-diabetes days!

Back when I used to eat fruits by the wheelbarrow load when they came into season at the local farms, I didn't even think to make my meals as healthy and balanced as they are today as I work on my dietary control of diabetes - including fruits. Even had I not been diabetic, while it was a million times better than having no fruits or having junk food, having a huge meal of just grapes or cherries or whatever fruits were in season at the time was giving me loads of sugar and not a good mix of all the nutrients I know get while practicing my dietary control of diabetes diet plan.

To make diabetic fruits a reality and include dried fruit in a diabetic diet plan, follow the diabetes dragon fruit salad mantra - mix mix mix! Add dried fruits of widely mixed varieties in modest quantities to your regular meals and to salads rich with nuts and seeds and with lots of spinach and a variety of lettuces. In short, take the diabetes dragon fruit salad as a starting point, and experiment from there.

What you will end up with you will enjoy more than you used to enjoy your 'fruit salad' you thought you could never live without!

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!