Fruit Salad for a Diabetic Diet Plan

Over time I have learned how I can include satisfying amounts of fruit in my diabetic diet plan - both fresh fruits and dried fruits. I have found it completely possible to still eat enough fruits to get all the dietary nutrients I thought I might lose access to altogether when I was first diagnosed.

Before I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, my idea of having fruit was to have huge quantities of whatever was in season and fresh - and good! If it was the season for fresh raspberries, then it was the season for me to have bowls and bowls of them with cereal. If it was the season for grapes, I would have loads of them throughout the day or a giant colander of grapes for a TV snack. I most certainly can't do this any longer, but I have found that "diabetic fruits" are not fantasy only. At first when I was learning, I would have said a fruit salad for a diabetic was an oxymoron just like 'diabetic fruits' would be of any sort!

Partly this was because my first tests were when I still believed the myth of snacking. The result of eating fruits (diabetic fruits or not) alone with no other foods was a disaster except during exercise (such as on a diabetes squashing hike up some of the vertical trails in Yosemite, where fruit in diabetic or any other meals is pretty valid for me). What I found after time was that, you can include fruit in a diabetic diet plan - and while not exactly the fruit salads you would have had before, fruit salads for diabetics are possible if you mix in enough extra goodies to balance our your salad meal and incorporate exercise appropriately as part of your lifestyle intervention program.

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