Fresh Fruits in a Diabetic Diet Plan

The nutritional benefits of fresh fruits are superb, and it is very unfortunate that because of the sugar content (natural sugars and readily metabolized carbohydrates) we as diabetics can't eat fresh fruits by themselves in the quantities we were used to before our diagnosis as diabetics.

Even (see the myth of snacking) a very small quantity of fresh fruit for me unless it is in the middle of exercise causes by blood sugar levels to rise rapidly.

There are two solutions available, the most obvious is to combine eating fresh fruits with your self management of diabetes exercise program. When you are about to start exercising, or when you are on a long bike ride or long strenuous hike, chances are you can have a decent quantity of fresh fruit and not have any problems. Bring your blood glucose monitor with you and test. Once you know your limits, take advantage of this to allow you to have some fresh fruits again by themselves.

The second solution is to combine your fresh fruits with your main, balanced, meals. For me it is vital that the fruits be part of the meals, not taken as snacks or desserts after the meals. The best example is the diabetes dragon fruit salad meal I use regularly as my first meal of the day, or the Tibetan Goji Berries diabetes salad variation on that meal.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!