Diabetes Dried Fruits : Why do they Work?

So why are dried fruits acceptable at all?

For my type 2 diabetes, unless during exercise, I am unable to have even a small quantity of dried fruits by themselves (even with some additional fat and protein mixed along with them such as some nuts and seeds) without seeing an unacceptable blood glucose level increase. However, I can eat them as part of a balanced meal such as the diabetes dragon fruit salad. I can have quite a lot of them in that combination with other foods. I can have them in conjunction with exercise.

If you are longing for fruits you can no longer have, try first with dried fruits as part of meals like the dragon fruit salad. Experiment with how much you can have and when. Bring them with you when you are out hiking or bicycling or using an indoor trainer as part of your exercise program.

The reason the dried fruits work is the happy marriage of them being fruits, which give a pretty quick glucose spike vs. whole grains, and them being dried which attenuates that quick spike enough to make it manageable.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!