Diabetes Dried Fruits : The Sweet Spot

b) still fruits give a quicker spike vs. whole grains

Having a slower to ramp up increase in blood glucose level, and a lower high blood glucose level, are both important but not the only thing working with diabetes dried fruit tolerance vs. fresh fruits and also vs. whole grains in my experience. 

The Sweet Spot : Between fresh fruits and whole grains

For me fresh fruits in the same quantities in which I can eat dried fruits (under the same meals and/or exercise circumstances) do not work out. I can easily add a small quantity of fresh fruits (fresh strawberries, fresh grapes, etc.) to the diabetes dragon fruit salad mix, but I can't swap out all the dried fruit for fresh fruit. The quick and abrupt spike to high blood glucose levels from the 100% fresh fruit is just too much and too high.  

On the other hand (I will go into detail about this in the section on my experience with type 2 diabetes and whole grains and flours etc), for me whole grains gave a persistently elevated blood glucose level which I could not lower by exercise or dietary control of my type 2 diabetes in the same way I can the elevated blood sugar level which comes from the dried fruit.

The sweet spot comes for me because the dried fruit vs. fresh fruit means the high in blood glucose level comes just slowed enough and reduced enough that I can knock it down, but it does not linger so long that it keeps creeping up and up and up again beyond the time when I can reasonably address it by practical exercise to control my blood sugar level.

If you are having problems tolerating either fresh fruits or grains and whole grains, explore dried fruits as an alternative. See if you find the same things happening for you.

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