Diabetes Dried Fruits : Benefit Rational

I find that my positive experience with dried fruits is because:

a) slower metabolism of dried fruits vs. fresh fruits

b) still fruits give a quicker spike vs. whole grains

(a) Is important as I see it for two reasons:

Firstly, for me the slower and lower blood glucose increase of (a) means that it is not such a huge increase that other foods I eat for the dietary control of diabetes are swamped by the huge spike in blood sugars which can result from the same quantity of fresh fruit substituted in the same meal. If you will, this is akin to swamping the benefits of a diabetes medicine which will be overwhelmed by too much of a blast of blood sugar from too much fresh fruit at one time.

Secondly, the same slower and lower blood glucose increase means that I can similarly compensate against it by exercising appropriately around the time I eat the dried fruit. Essentially it is possible with a large enough 'dose' of fresh fruit to have such a huge spike in blood glucose that as a diabetic even exercise can't keep it at a tolerable level (the same likely would apply to medications as it does to the dietary control of diabetes methodology). The same quantity of fruit eaten as the dried fruit is effectively doled out to you over a longer time period, and your exercise, dietary control of diabetes, or medication for diabetes has time to compensate for the carbohydrates in the fruit - because the spike is not so abrupt and the amplitude is lower.

Finally, if you are using lifestyle intervention and dietary control of diabetes, you can literally 'miss' a quick and very high amplitude spike by not timing your exercise appropriately as the 'window' is slim in this case. You may not see your blood glucose levels even go down after this spike as part of your diabetes - so it is more than a spike and more like a plateau to a high level - which is even worse than a spike which rises to a high level but then subsides. With a really quick ramp up to a high blood glucose level, you will not always catch the initial upsurge  in the first place - which is what you want to do always to keep your blood sugar levels in good ranges.

(b) Is important equally...

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