Dried Fruit in a Diabetic Diet Plan

Dried fruits are amazingly acceptable in the right combinations with other foods as in the diabetes dragon fruit salad.

The more ugly and chewy the better! The reason dried fruits are more tolerable than fresh fruits is largely because the drying process makes them less readily digested (metabolized) than fresh fruits. In spite of the fact that the drying process does not remove any carbohydrates from them, the very fact that it takes you longer to chew them, time for them to swell up while getting rehydrated in your stomach, and time to complete the digestion can help keep diabetes blood sugar levels from spiking - and you can use this fact to your advantage to counter the carbohydrates in dried fruit and the impact on your blood glucose levels.

You are still eating the same carbohydrates as in fresh fruits!

Similar to the mythology of whole grains vs. processed grains, the fact that you are slower to metabolize the carbohydrates in the dried fruits vs. the same fruits as fresh fruits does not lessen the amount of carbohydrates you are eating. If you have one dried apple, you are having the same carbohydrates as if you have the same apple fresh.

So why does it make any difference...

Diabetes Dried Fruits : Why do they Work?

So why are dried fruits acceptable at all?

For my type 2…

Diabetes Dried Fruits : Benefit Rational

I find that my positive experience with dried fruits is…

Diabetes Dried Fruits : The Sweet Spot

b) still fruits give a quicker spike vs. whole grains

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