Discovering Foods - Dragon Tales

I didn't know anything at all about dragon fruit, otherwise commonly called pitaya fruit or pitahaya fruit (and also lots of other names around the globe) until I discovered the dried fruit by chance at the local Trader Joe's market.

I had already figured out the a wild and crazy diabetic salad which I could eat without having a big increase in my blood sugar levels after eating it even though it had various dried fruits. This is the dried dragon fruit free variant of the diabetes pitaya fruit salad I describe on this website. I was always a big fresh fruit eater before, eating huge bowls of fresh grapes and berries whenever the season was good. Ooops. Not a good idea for a type 2 diabetic. Little did I know at the time.

In any case, I saw the Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit from Thailand, which is a rich deep purple color and looks really good. It has a nice chewy texture, and it went well in the salad so I kept on using it as an addition to the regular salad fixings. It seemed to me that my regular testing of my blood glucose levels after these salad meals was lower than normal, and I got curious. I did a little research on pitaya diabetes health benefits, and found a lot of vague statements that it might help with type 2 diabetes. I could not find anything definitive, so I decided to see for myself if the Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit was really making the difference.

I brought out my food scale, did a bunch of repeat salads with and without the dried pitahaya fruit, kept my routine the same for the days before and after (this is important if you want really reliable tests, as your other meals and levels of activity should be about the same for accurate comparisons of one meal to another). Lo, the meals with the dried dragon fruit were almost always lower than the same meals without. There are always exceptions due to things one can't completely control, but it was really clear that I was seeing a clear and repeatable benefit.

I did not know anything of the dried pitahaya diabetes connection in advance. I had never even heard of dragon fruit, pitahaya fruit, pitaya fruit... all the names it has got!

The point is, if I hadn't been trying new foods to see how they influence me, I would never have found out about the diabetes pitahaya fruit link. The same goes in reverse, as you may find a food that adversely impacts you - you won't know until you perform your own experiments.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!