Discovering Foods - My Failures

These are so important, I will devote a lot more web space to them in the future...

For me, my biggest 'failures' were when I expected to be able to eat grains still by sticking with whole grains, and when I thought that a modest portion of fruits or cereals and/or snacks would be fine on account of the small quantities I would eat.

I did many weeks of experiments to ultimately prove to myself that for me snacking and 'whole grains' are absolutely the wrong way to go - in spite of the recommendation of so many diabetes care guides and even the diabetes clinic specialists I met.

I find that I also suffer quite significantly from what is termed 'the morning effect' - meaning that my first meal is the one which I have to watch the most carefully. I can eat a tiny meal as my break-fast (literally, breaking my fasting with it...) and have my blood glucose go way up, while eating the exact same meal to the dot at another time of day hardly has an impact at all.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!