Discovering Foods - Do not be Discouraged by Failure

Each and every diabetic responds uniquely to foods on account of the complexity of the root causes of diabetes, so it makes it very hard to know a priori what will work for you - even if it is reported to work for others. You may find that a food or combination of foods is fine for you to eat, but is not for a friend or relative. In my case, my father is also a type 2 diabetic, and what he can eat is not the same as what I can eat.

The most important thing is to not be discouraged if you hear that some particular food is a wonderful food for blood glucose control, but it doesn't work for you.

On the other hand, you may be very pleasantly surprised to find perfectly acceptable a food or foods which cause a friend or relative who is a diabetic to have problems with their blood sugar control!

I'll detail my own discoveries along this line - as I have had plenty.

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