Habanero Peppers Diabetes Benefits vs. Other Hot Peppers Diabetes Benefits

From my testing, pepper for pepper, habanero peppers diabetes control is the highest of any hot peppers I see regularly at the local markets and grocery stores, and that makes sense as they are 200,000 to 300,000 Scoville units.

A Scoville unit is the unit of measure for how hot a pepper is - or in other words, how much capsaicin the pepper has in it. The hotness of the pepper and the hot peppers diabetes health benefits are directly proportional to the amount of capsaicin. The higher the Scoville index is for a hot pepper, the greater the heat of the pepper and the higher the hot peppers diabetes blood glucose lowering effects will be for the same amount of pepper.

In short, it takes less of a hot pepper to give you the capsaicin diabetes control benefits, but you are also missing out on the additional dietary fiber and nutrients as you are reducing the overall bulk of the hot peppers in your meal. Personally, I like to include about 1/2 of a habanero pepper for the capsaicin and a serrano pepper or two for some flavor and then a whole lot of fresh red peppers, fresh yellow peppers and fresh orange peppers for the nutrional benefits of the fresh peppers and the attractive look of the peppers in the finished meal.

The serrano peppers are about 10,000 to 20,000 Scoville units - or about 1/10th as much. In other words, I would be having 10 times as many of them by weight for the same diabetes control benefits as the habanero diabetes control results that I see. It's all a matter of the capsaicin content - so if you like a big dollop of the serrano peppers, you should see the same diabetes control benefits as if you had 1/2 or 2/3 of one of the hotter habanero peppers. It's up to your own judgement and personal tastes.

You may find you need more or less depending upon how much an impact the habanero peppers diabetes control benefits have for you.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!