Habanero Peppers Diabetes Benefits

I have posted charts and described meal experiments to show what a difference having habanero peppers diabetes control benefits makes for my blood glucose control. Having habanero peppers in my meals makes huge differences in blood glucose levels for me both post meal (1-5 hours after meals) and through fasting blood sugar levels the next day. This is part of the health benefits of capsaicin diabetes control. Optimistic folks call this the capsaicin diabetes cure because of these great capsaicin health benefits, but for me that is going too far as it is not a cure - but it makes diabetes self management much easier.

Because heating heart healthy oils (like olive oils and canola oil) degrades the health benefits of the oils, it is far better to cook using fresh habanero peppers than by using dried chili peppers. I like the aesthetic of whole dried chili peppers in meals, but to really get the capsaicin out of them you need to press and flip them in hot oil (as the capsaicin is not very water soluble, and it needs the oil to get it out of the dried peppers). Fresh habanero peppers give up their capsaicin easily. I only need 1/2 of a medium sized pepper in a meal to see the diabetes health benefits of capsaicin.

For these reasons, I now use habanero peppers exclusively for the capsaicin diabetes health benefits when I cook meals. I also will use other fresh hot peppers to augment and flavor the habanero peppers. The habanero peppers themselves while the impart lots of hotness (the capsaicin they release) to meals, do not contribute much taste or texture. Adding some serrano peppers is a nice complement to the habanero peppers.

For salads, I use freshly ground (you can grind in advance and store for short periods) dried hot chili peppers for diabetes capsaicin effects. Make sure your dried peppers are of good quality. If they look pale and 'dried' instead of rich in color and kind of greasy looking, they likely have very little capsaicin left in them.

The capsaicin level in fresh habanero peppers in my experience is always pretty much the same from one pepper to another, so the capsaicin diabetes control levels I see are the same as long as I slice up about the same amount of the habanero pepper in each meal..

Read the charts and graphs and get the full details on the health benefits of habanero peppers in my diabetes blood glucose levels...

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