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There is a quasi-scientific rating scale of how hot hot peppers really are (how much capsaicin they contain). This scale is called the Scoville index, and it gives you if not a perfect, a really good idea of how hot different varieties of hot peppers are in reality.

For hot peppers diabetes control, all you need is the capsaicin. Any hot pepper will do as the source. I find that the habanero peppers diabetes influence for me is really strong - just because they are so darned hot. It only takes 1/2 of a habanero pepper to make a huge difference for me.

I'll often add some serrano hot peppers for flavor (as they are more flavorful than the habanero peppers). However, the serrano peppers capsaicin diabetes control are so much weaker than the habanero peppers diabetes control benefits that I always use at least some habanero peppers in my hot meals.

I'll post a table here of the Scoville index values for some common peppers, but the hotness of any pepper will be evident real fast as soon as you taste it. You can just cut any fresh pepper and (very carefully, in case it is a super hot pepper) touch it to your tongue or lips. You'll soon know!

Your taste buds will tell you, and your blood glucose meter test results will be the final word.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!