Dried Hot Chili Peppers

My first switch back to cooking meals with hot peppers was to go back to using whole dried hot chili peppers. To get the health benefits of capsaicin diabetes control for this cooking method, you need to press and turn the whole dried hot peppers in oil in order to extract the capsaicin in the peppers.

The result is that you are degrading the health benefits of the oil you are using for cooking (as you should be using a heart healthy oil such as olive oil or canola oil) by heating it up as you press the dried hot peppers in it. This is a necessary step to get the capsaicin in the peppers to come out, but it doesn't make sense as far as you are losing the benefits of the healthy oils you are using for cooking.

To get around this, you can use dried hot chili powder or fresh ground dried hot chili peppers as your capsaicin source in meals, but instead you may want to try switching entirely to using fresh hot peppers for your cooked meals. I have started to use only the fresh habanero peppers for diabetes capsaicin blood glucose lowering benefits in my cooked meals. The capsaicin effects are the same, but by avoiding the dried hot chile peppers I can use less oil directly in cooking and depending upon the meal either use the same oil I would have used for cooking as a dipping oil or omit it altogether if I don't need it that day.

While for cooked meals, I find the habanero peppers diabetes health benefits quick and easy to obtain, I find it more convenient, however, to use dried hot chili peppers I have ground myself for un-cooked meals like the diabetes dragon fruit salad meal.

Add peppers to suit your standards of hotness, and let your taste buds be the judge - and your diabetes testing of capsaicin's diabetes benefits for you.

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