Capsaicin Diabetes Control | Incorporating Hot Peppers into Diabetic Recipes

If you already like hot peppers like habanero peppers, then you don't need any further reasons to start adding them to your meals if you aren't doing it already.

However, if you have never had hot chili peppers at all, or you aren't a great fan of hot peppers in your meals, you should do a few experimental meals (do at least several meals in a row over several days) to see if the habanero peppers diabetes control benefits manifest for you. You may find that the meals seem too hot, but it seems that the amount of capsaicin needed for a significant diabetes blood glucose level lowering effect is such that you'll know it's there.

The good news for those who aren't used to hot peppers like habanero peppers and who still want the capsaicin diabetes control benefits, is that over time you get used to the hot pepper 'hotness' and even if you think it is really too hot, it won't seem that way for very long as you keep it up. You can start with a very small amount and over time you'll find you are using more and more anyway.

That same good news is bad news in a sense for hot pepper lovers, because for them the hotness also becomes 'old hat' as they brain and body get used to it. Of course, then you see even more of a capsaicin benefit for your diabetes as you use even more and more hot peppers in your diabetic diet recipes!

No matter what your taste preferences, it is worth giving the habanero pepper diabetes recipes a try because of the great benefits for blood sugar levels.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!