Capsaicin Diabetes Control

Here is another Diabetic Life Diet food discovery that came about partly by accident.

It seems odd to us now that we didn't learn about this or read about it before we discovered it through our own blood glucose monitoring, but I think that is how food discovery works for most diabetics.

Each and every diabetic responds uniquely to foods on account of the complexity of the root causes of diabetes, so it makes it very hard to know what will work for you - even if it is reported to work for others. You may find that a food or combination of food is fine for you to eat, but is not for a friend or relative. In my case, my father is also a type 2 diabetic, and what he can eat is not the same as what I can eat.

The most important thing is to not be discouraged if you hear that some particular food is a wonderful food for blood glucose control, but it doesn't work for you. I'll detail my own discoveries along this line - as I have had plenty.

We've periodically cooked with dried chili peppers as part of our regular meals for many many years just because we like to mix it up sometimes for the hot peppers taste and fun of it. Not too long ago we started to use dried chili peppers again. As for our path to discover the diabetes pitaya fruit link, in our regular monitoring of our blood sugar levels after meals we noticed a reduction in our post meal blood glucose levels and in our fasting blood glucose levels.

The only real change we had been making was using the dried chili peppers, and that led us to do some research on what might be happening. It turns out that there are plenty of references (once you know to look) to the possible health benefits of capsaicin diabetes control. That led me to further optimize my source of capsaicin from the dried chili peppers (which sometimes have lost their potency, and which require the use of more oil than you may like in cooking - as well as the requirement to heat the oil which degrades the health benefits of healthy oils like olive oil or canola oil).

Now I know that hot chile pepper diabetes control is a great benefit of eating hot peppers as part of my diabetic diet plan. If like me you tolerate and hopefully enjoy hot chile peppers diabetes benefits are easy and immediate. See if you start to realize the benefits of capsaicin diabetes control by including hot peppers like habanero peppers in your diabetic diet recipes. For me, habanero peppers diabetes control yields the most benefits towards lowering blood glucose levels including next day fasting blood glucose levels because habanero peppers are some of the very hottest peppers and have more capsaicin. More capsaicin means greater capsaicin diabetes control. Serranno peppers are about one tenth as hot as habanero peppers, and have about one tenth the habanero peppers diabetes control effects for that reason. Hot chile peppers diabetes benefits and overall benefits of hot peppers diabetes control are substantial for me - and I hope they will be the same for you.

I can't say this is a capsaicin diabetes cure, but the health benefits of capsaicin diabetes control for me go a long way toward making my type 2 diabetes easier to manage.

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