Discovering Foods

Research and keep your eyes and ears open, but never be afraid to try a new food if you think it might be beneficial and is a healthy food choice.

Try healthy new foods taking them with moderation and with care, and try to learn what you can about a new food before you try it, but by all means be open to new foods - or to reviving old ones you haven't had for a while.

Likely you won't be able to predict in advance how different foods will effect you as a type 2 diabetic, good or bad. You are the only one who can say for certain after trying them, and you will only know if you try. Luckily with more and more awareness of how the fast food American diet is killing our society, there are more and more healthy foods available with time. Once considered a fad for their anti-oxidant properties, Goji berries used to be exotic, but now they are quite common, for example.

Read the food sections here. Evaluate how your personal type 2 diabetes diet might be augmented or modified to reflect some of the ideas presented here, and then make tests through cautious, monitored changes to your diet. Read the section on dried fruits. You may find you have similar tolerances as I do when eating dried fruits in the right combinations with other foods, then try finding which ones work and appeal to you the most. If you can find un-sugared dried blueberries, try them as an addition to the diabetic salad meal described here at this website. If you find dried dragon fruit (dried pitaya fruit, dried pitahaya fruit) grab some and try it. All of these are healthy foods, some like dried dragon fruit directly aid in blood glucose control for many people including myself.

Some foods may work for you and not for others. Some foods may work for others and not for you. Bear in mind that because of the many overlapping and simultaneous causes which lie at the hidden roots of your diabetes, you can't predict how something that works for one diabetic may work for you. You need to be open to trying a variety of new healthy foods as part of your discovery process and learning what foods have health benefits for you and in what combinations.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!