Trader Joe's Dried Dragon Fruit / Dried Pitaya Fruit

Here in Northern California I have found that the best (but not necessarily the most entirely reliable, unfortunately) source to buy pitaya fruit dried is Trader Joe's market.

Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit product is the dried pink (the dried fruit actually appears as a very dark purple) fleshed pitahaya variety. The color deepens dramatically in the drying process, so 'pink' is really a misnomer for the dried dragon fruit sold at Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe's dried pitaya fruit is imported directly by Trader Joe's from an unknown supplier in Thailand. They just don't say. We have never encountered a problem with quality of the dried pitaya fruit from Trader Joe's, but we all too often find that it is 'out of stock', and we get a variety of excuses as to why they do not have it available. You may be given the opportunity to order the pitaya fruit from them, but often when they do not have it, they also state that it 'is not in the computer system' and that they can't order the dried dragon fruit at all for you to buy later.

The results of including the Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit from Thailand in a type 2 diabetes dragon fruit diet are in the Dragon Fruit Health Benefits.

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