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It seems like I keep harping on the Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit, but that is because inside the US the best place to buy dried dragon fruit may be your local Trader Joe's organic market. If your Trader Joe's doesn't have ready for you to buy pitaya fruit as the dried dragon fruit in stock, ask them to order pitaya for you. They usually have a supply of the dried pitaya fruit from their dried fruit supplier in Thailand, but if not, they may not immediately offer to order pitaya for you unless you ask. The dried dragon fruit Trader Joe's markets sell are the pink fleshed or purple fleshed variety. In these dried fruits the purple flesh color becomes very very dark. If you live outside the US you should check to find local growers of fresh pitaya fruit to buy pitahaya fresh from them, but just as likely they may also sell the dried pitahaya fruit during off season. If you are out of luck, try contacting some of the growers in Australia who will let you buy dried pitaya fruit off season. Outside the US, I can't vouch for the most reliable source. You'll have to hunt yourself, but you will likely have much better luck than we do in the US.

For those of us in the US, if people keep asking to buy dragon fruit at Trader Joe's, maybe one day Trader Joe's will do a better job to make sure and keep the dried fruit in stock! All too often they have run out of their dried pitaya fruit altogether. :(

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Inside the US because of import restrictions on fresh pitaya fruit (on account of pest control) buying fresh dragon fruit is not as easy because the fresh fruit is much harder to come by. The quite reasonable fears of the US Agricultural service is that unwanted pests will hitch a free ride on the fruit. As it is not a big enough market in the US to lobby for being let in, it's apparently not on the list yet nor is it considered safe enough to be sufficiently pest free for import as the fresh fruit. If you are lucky to find to buy pitaya fruit fresh at a local market be sure to buy some. If you are buying fresh dragon fruit or buying fresh pitaya from an unknown vendor, if you can, try a piece of the fresh fruit before you buy pitahaya too much because the quality of the fresh dragon fruit in the US may vary depending upon the source. Buying fresh pitahaya fruit is not as straightforward as buying dried dragon fruit. The properly ripened fresh pitaya fruit does not ship well and is very delicate in texture. For this reason, a lot of commercial pitaya fruit sellers pick too early, and the fruit you end up with is not very flavorful.

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