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Dried Dragon Fruit Diabetes Diet Salad Results

Here is the complete ingredient list for the salad (a lot more than your typical salad) which we call the dragon fruit diabetes diet salad. Nothing is left out of the list, no salt, no other ingredients however minor they may seem, no beverage with this meal for the testing of the meal profile. The results for me as a type 2 diabetic are dramatic. For my type 2 diabetes, eating this salad causes only a very minor increase in blood glucose levels at any time after the meal - in spite of the fact that it has a heavy carbohydrate load in all of the dried and fresh fruits and dried dragon fruit. I do not see an increase delayed, or immediate when I test over short intervals to catch any spikes which I might miss in a 1 hr or 2 hr single test. Out of convenience and availabilty, I use Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit as the dried pitaya fruit source as that is the only source reasonably available to me. I repeat: I have tested over short intervals on many meals, and there is NO spike in blood glucose levels that I am missing. Even in small quantities I can't tolerate fruits (dried or fresh fruits) alone. This needs to be a complete meal - not with parts left out. Experiment AFTER you have verified that it works for you, but do not change proportions until you are certain it works for you as it is described here.

Dragon Fruit Diabetes Diet Salad
Ingredient Amount (g) Note
Soy Nuts 6 g
Dried Goji Berries 10 g
Goat Cheese (low Na) 15 g
Mixed Nuts* 40 g See * note
Dried Dragon Fruit 45 g
Cucumber (fresh) 40 g
Carrots 150 g
Avocado 65 g
Mixed Dried Fruit** 40 g See ** note
Black Pepper 16 grinds
Chili Powder*** 0.5 g See *** note
Spinach 90 g
Red Leaf Lettuce 90 g
Romaine Lettuce 110 g
Green Leaf Lettuce 95 g
Canola Oil 0.8 tbsb See **** note
Olive Oil 2.5 tbsp See **** note
Balsamic Vinegar 1.7 tbsp See **** note



IMPORTANT NOTE: If I eat only a small portion of dried fruit (even including some dried dragon fruit) instead of this meal, by blood glucose levels go up dramatically. It is the combined meal that makes the difference AND the dried dragon fruit giving it the ultimate benefit in limiting the blood glucose increase. You may find you can't eat the full salad, as it is a big salad with a lot of calories, and depending upon how active you are and your caloric intake each day, you may need to eat half this amount ot less. You may have problems digesting the full salad. Just eat less! Modify as you see fit, but if you want to reap the benefits DO NOT CHANGE PROPORTIONS until you have verified that this works for you. Have half of this in the exact proportions. DO NOT reduce the meal size by leaving something out! I eat this as the first meal of the day every day and do not suffer from the type 2 diabetes 'morning effect' with this meal. I do with other meals.


* note

Mixed Nuts: I include in varying proportions unsalted dry roasted pumpkin seeds, unsalted dry roasted or raw almonds, unsalted raw walnuts, unsalted dry roasted hulled sunflower seeds, unsalted raw hazelnuts (less than the others) and unsalted roasted peanuts to total 40 g per salad. Because of the mix, typically there is only 1 or 2 whole walnuts (meat), 4 or 6 almonds, 5 or so peanuts, 1 tbsp or less of the seeds. Just measure out as you see fit, but hold to the total weight of 40 grams of nuts. You can mix this part of the salad in advance and have it ready to add. For variety, on one mix have more walnuts and to replace almonds etc. As long as you work to get a balance of the nuts and seeds throughout the week, it doesn't matter if one day you have a few more of one and a few less of another variety.

** note

Dried Fruits: As for the nuts, this is a total weight for a wide variety of dried fruits (none of which are the dried dragon fruit which I add separately). I avoid all fruits with any added sugars, corn syrup, cane juice, preservatives or other additives. Trader Joe's used to be a reliable source of these un-processed and un-spoiled dried fruits, but in recent months has started to stock more sugar laden fruits instead of the pure dried fruits. Complain to Trader Joe's about this, ask to order dried fruits from them like the ones they used to stock. This mix may include dried pineapple, dried apricots, dried mango, dried gooseberries, varieties of dried cherries, varieties of raisins, dried nectarines, varieties of dried figs, dried plums (prunes), dried banana, dried lychee fruit, freeze dried rambutan, dried granny smith apples, dried pears, and other un-sulphured, un-sugared, preservative-free dried fruits.

Important: Adhere to the 40 g total weight limit, but as for the mixed nuts, feel free to mix it up as much as possible for any given day. You will find you MUST do this in fact, as you don't have enough weight in 40 g total to have some of every fruit. If you max out at 40 g on one day without some dried mango, you can just include some the next day. This gives you the best possible nutrient profile by keeping the mix alive and gives you more fun eating.

Fresh Fruits: I have had not adverse impact on the results of this as far as type 2 diabetes blood glucose level control when I include modest quantities of fresh fruits as well such as strawberries, grapes, blueberries and the like. I have NOT pushed it too far with the fresh fruits as the dried fruits are much slower to digest than the fresh fruits and have a reduced impact as far as this diabetic diet.

*** note

Chili Powder: I will describe the beneficial impact of chili peppers in another section. The chili powder is these meals was quite mild (being somewhat old and low quality). You will find that the benefits of chili peppers (fresh habanero chili peppers incorporated in cooked meals work the best) add to the dragon fruit diabetes blood sugar improvents - giving you a double benefit. Do NOT by any means underestimate the influence of what may seem like a subtle addition of a spice like chili pepper! I have not seen the same benefits from black pepper.

**** note

Oils and Balsamic Vinegar: These entries for canola oil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar reflect their proportions in 5 tbsp of a mix of 1 unit of balsamic vinegar to 2 units of canola/olive oil mixed 3:1 olive to canola oil. I add no salt or anything else to the dressing or to the salad.

Measuring Blood Glucose Results / Blood Glucose Meters Used: To record blood glucose level results I use either the Lifescan OneTouch Ultra Blood Glucose or the EasyGluco Glucose Monitor which uses less expensive test strips but takes a bit more blood and time to measure. Both are reliable and accurate.

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