Health Benefits of Habanero Peppers

Of the main non diabetes related health benefits of habanero peppers virtually all relate to the active compound which makes the habanero peppers hot - capsaicin.  In addition to capsaicin diabetes control helping to lower blood glucose levels, capsaicin in habanero peppers also generally improves blood circulation and can help to lower blood pressure as a result. In fact, if you are taking medications for high blood pressure, it is important to monitor your blood pressure to make sure that the added impact of the habanero peppers capsaicin does not push your blood pressure too low.

Other health benefits of habanero peppers include overall improved blood circulation (related to the blood pressure lowering effects) as capsaicin serves to both 'clean out' your veins and arteries but also helps them move blood more freely.

As anyone know who has had a habenero pepper meal, another health benefit of the habanero peppers is to clear out blocked or congested sinuses. Capsaicin is also used topically for diabetic neuropathy, and helps to lower trigycerides and cholesterol. The Health Benefits of Habanero Peppers section at the website will explain in detail all the health benefits of habanero peppers and their proposed mechanisms of action.

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