Diabetic Life Diet Foods

Diabetic Life Diet Foods: I have learned a lot about what foods I can eat when and in what combinations with other foods to keep my type 2 diabetes in check both as far as blood glucose levels after eating, and as far as heart healthy life changes such as lowering my blood pressure, losing weight, controlling LDL cholesterol levels, raising HDL cholesterol levels, lower triglycerides, and improving energy and fitness (where diet is a component as well).

I will try to split these Diabetic Life Diet website pages into sections around these lines, and here when possible I will focus on specific foods that benefit me in a clear and reproducible manner as far as my type 2 diabetes blood glucose levels are concerned.

I realize that it can be quite a chore, but it all it takes is patience and a lot of finger sticks to get profiles of how one's body responds to eating foods of various sorts and quantity.

Blood Glucose Control: I will first focus on foods which specifically through testing have proven themselves to reliably and reproducibly act to lower my type 2 diabetes blood glucose levels when I combine then with meals.

Healthy Nutrition / Cardiovascular Health: Later, I will expand to cover foods that have generally aided me, but which are not as directly and obviously responsible for low blood sugar levels when they are incorporated into meals. They are no less important in terms of a healthy diabetic diet, but they are not as directly impacting on post meal blood sugar levels as the other foods.


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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!