Diabetic Diet Recipes | Using Hot Chili Peppers Without Cooking

Diabetic Recipes w/Chili Peppers | No Cooking Required

Even if you do no cooking, you can still get the type 2 diabetes benefits of capsaicin diabetes blood glucose level lowering through the incorporation of hot chili peppers in your diabetic diet meals.

Diabetic Recipes w/Fresh Chili Peppers

If you enjoy the impact of the fresh peppers in salads and added to meals, you can simply add fresh hot chili peppers to your salads and cooking-free meals. If you are the wild type, even the hottest peppers can be eaten raw this way, but for most people this only works with the milder peppers. For a really hot pepper, having it lose its capsaicin to the bulk of the meal makes it easier to eat - as you don't get a big dose as a 'surprise' when you bite into the slices and chunks of the super hot peppers.

Diabetic Recipes w/Dried Chili Peppers

I personally find that the most convenient and simple way to include the benefits of capsaicin for my diabetes blood glucose level control is to use freshly ground dried chile peppers (freshly ground ideally, but ground and stored for a few days is just fine as well). I simply sprinkle the ground hot chile peppers on as I am adding twists of black pepper, or add them to a diabetes dragon fruit salad as I mix the nuts, seeds and dried fruit together.

No matter how you prepare your hot peppers, fresh or dried, you'll get an idea of how hot they are by the hotness of the meal as you eat it. The definitive answer will come when you test the effects of capsaicin diabetes blood glucose level lowering yourself to see how capsaicin performs for you as an individual.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!