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Fresh Chili Peppers vs. Dried Chili Peppers

Because dried hot chili peppers are available year round and virtually everywhere, cooking with dried chili peppers as your capsaicin source will always be an option.

However, if you cook with whole dried chili peppers, it takes a little extra time to extract the capsaicin into the hot oil before you add your other ingredients to your meal, and more importantly that period of heating the oil with the hot peppers is also degrading the oil and you are losing the health benefits of healthy cooking oils like canola and olive oil (you should always use heart healthy oils when cooking or eating). Heating up the oil to the high temperature needed to efficiently extract the capsaicin from the dried hot chili peppers causes chemical changes with reduce the health benefits of the oil - and in the case of olive oil, you will miss some of the taste of the oil.

Fresh hot peppers are a better source for capsaicin in cooking meals following a diabetic diet recipe with chili peppers as your source of capsaicin for blood glucose control. You can use any hot peppers you like, but the habanero peppers is one of the hottest and is widely available.

Simply slice 1/2 to 1 full habanero pepper into very thin slices (include the seeds and pulp - everything but the stem itself) and toss them in at the start of your cooking. Unlike with the dried chili peppers, the fresh peppers readily lose their capsaicin during cooking. You do not need to add any extra oil or any other steps in your meal preparation. Just toss in the peppers at the start - when you first add your garlic and ginger, for example.

Start as a test with about 1/2 of a pepper, and test how hot the meal is for you and how the capsaicin lowers blood sugar levels for you. The peppers are hotter (more capsaicin) nearer the stem, so you may need a little more of the base and a little less at the top for the same degree of hotness (capsaicin).

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!