Preparing Diabetic Diet Recipes with Hot Chili Peppers for Diabetes Control

Whether you are cooking meals or merely preparing a diabetes dragon fruit salad with no cooking at all, you will find that adding a little hot chili pepper will help lower your type 2 diabetes blood glucose levels after meals and even into lowering your fasting blood glucose levels the next day.

Diabetic Diet Recipes | Cooking with Fresh Hot Chili Peppers for Type 2 Diabetes Blood Glucose Control

Fresh Chili Peppers vs. Dried Chili Peppers

Because dried hot chili peppers are available year round and virtually everywhere, cooking with dried chili peppers as your capsaicin source will always be an option.

However, if you cook with whole dried chili…

Diabetic Diet Recipes | Using Hot Chili Peppers Without Cooking

Diabetic Recipes w/Chili Peppers | No Cooking Required

Even if you do no cooking, you can still get the type 2 diabetes benefits of capsaicin diabetes blood glucose level lowering through the incorporation of hot chili peppers in your diabetic diet meals.…

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