Capsaicin Fasting Blood Glucose Lowering

The following chart show the results 4 weeks of fasting blood glucose monitoring, 1 week with capsaicin (by using habanero peppers as the capsaicin diabetes benefit source), 1 week without capsaicin, 1 week with capsaicin, 1 week without.


You can see that the average for the two weeks with capsaicin (included by incorporating habanero peppers in cooked meals and ground dried hot chili peppers in the diabetes dragon fruit salad based meal) are about 93 for both weeks - a little lower for the second week with capsaicin blood glucose lowering benefits. The average for the first week (control without capsaicin blood glucose lowering benefits) is about 113, for the second week the average fasting blood glucose levels were about 107.

That degree of fasting blood glucose lowering is substantial, and brings me well into the range of a non-diabetic. Without the capsaicin blood glucose lowering benefits of the habanero peppers and dried chili peppers, I am still at what is considered an acceptable level 'for a diabetic' but as you can see from daily charts of fasting blood glucose levels with capsaicin, on day to day variability I am not always deep in this 'safe zone' - whereas for the capsaisin diabetes days I am virtually never even close to the threshold of being outside the norm.

Note: On days outside of the test period (where meals were not kept consistent from day to day as during the test periods), I have seen excursions of fasting blood glucose levels without capsaicin benefits to blood glucose lowering which take me up above the 120 theshold. In the case of the capsaisin blood glucose diabetes recipes for every meal such as the dragon fruit meals, I virtually never at any time come up over 120 for my fasting blood glucose.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!