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We are still working on it, but so far we think we are seeing a big diabetes ginger benefit to our blood glucose levels after meals and into the next day - in the same way that we see the benefits of capsaicin diabetes control linger on into the next day. We'll do more to test the diabetes ginger link and put some definitive results up about ginger diabetes control. In the short term, our fasting blood glucose levels and blood glucose levels 1 hour after our meals (our standard time for our postprandial blood glucose testing) are so low we can't quit to do the proper experiments! We are seeing blood glucose levels 1 hour after meals of 90 when we used to see levels of 130! Our 'nearly' vegetarian diabetic diet plan is going to be the next big diabetes diet cure! Seriously, it's something which we has a ginger diabetes component...

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!