Diabetic Diet Recipes | Cooking with Dried Hot Chili Peppers for Type 2 Diabetes Blood Glucose Control

Dried Hot Chili Peppers / Dried Chili Powder Diabetic Diet Recipes

You can cook with either whole dried hot chili peppers, or using chili powder as your capsaicin diabetes control base.

Whole Dried Chili Peppers

Adding dried hot chili peppers to all your cooked meals is an easy way to give you the health benefits of type 2 diabetes capsaicin blood glucose lowering effects.

If you are already using a little oil in your cooking, simply flip and toss the whole dried hot chili peppers in the oil before you add the first food ingredients. Toss and press the dried peppers in the hot oil until they are turning black. You will notice the capsaicin as it wafts up into the air, so you'll have no doubt about the quality of your dried peppers once you start cooking them!

You will not be eating the whole dried chili peppers, so the step of heating them in the hot oil is important to extract the capsaicin from them efficiently.

Hot Dried Chili Powder

If you are not using oil, but you still want to use dried chili peppers or dried chili powder for your capsaicin diabetes control, you can use either bought ground chili powder or better yet grind your own chili powder from high quality dried chili peppers so it is ground fresh. You can use most ordinary coffee grinders for this.

If you use dried chili powder, you can sprinkle it onto your cooked food pretty much at any time of the meal preparation. You do not need particularly to use any extra oil or any oil at all.

Unlike when you use the whole dried chili peppers in your cooking, when you use the chili powder the fine powder will be thoroughly mixed in the meal and you'll end up eating all of it. If it is finely ground enough, as it should be if store bought or prepared in a good quality grinder, then you'll get the benefits of the capsaicin diabetes blood glucose lowering as the capsaicin readily is passed from the powder to the food in cooking and also to you when you eat the powder without cooking. 

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