My Type 2 Diabetes Story A Brief Personal History

I had not had an A1c or fasting glucose ever, as far as I know, when I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic at a long overdue complete general physical examination. I did not have a local general practitioner (GP) whom I saw on a regular basis. It seemed I didn't need one, as I had cancer as a child and as a result have always on a somewhat regular basis been in touch with doctors as follow up for that and other health problems since then.

I had a false sense of security from this, and I was neglectful in not having a full 'work up' with a general practitioner for years. My regular visits usually took place literally on the other side of the US (where I was treated as a child for cancer) as part of the ongoing record keeping and tracking of the clinical trial in which I participated when I was little. I always just assumed that my visits there and to the hospital locally for other things would pick up any problems. I was wrong.

Fortunately, at the urging of my family, I found a local GP recommended by a friend. At the time I was just passing 40, and it finally seemed time to have someone local to see as a regular MD. As part of the initial visit, there was a full blood work up ordered which included a fasting glucose test. It turned out that mine on that visit was over 170.

Due to incompetence, the MD who ordered the test failed to notify me of the results for months, but when I eventually did find out, we did a follow up A1c test which revealed an elevated A1c level conclusive of type 2 diabetes. At this result, the MD immediately with hardly any discussion at all proposed to start me on a mix of pills. There was no discussion of my history, although I specifically had come prepared for that and notified them in advance. There was no analysis of why I was diabetic. There were simply scrips for pills pushed in my direction.

Given the likely side effects of some of the recommended medications, and the healthy skepticism I had of this doctor's competency, I elected to find another doctor. I decided to tackle my type 2 diabetes without medication, only through reforming my lifestyle and diet. If that didn't work, I would revisit the idea of pills to suppress the symptoms of the disease, but it seemed that first and foremost an evaluation and reform of my diet and lifestyle should be carried out first - before I resorted to medications. My original doctor was unwilling to help me accomplish this, and that is why I fired him. Looking at the results of the past 2 years, I was correct.

This website tells the dietary side of that story.

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