Dietary Control of Diabetes vs. Pills

The Diabetic Life Diet website is meant to address the dietary control of diabetes and the control of diabetes through lifestyle intervention.

If you are using medications (pills) to manage your diabetes, you should by all means also look to do whatever dietary control you can to reduce your reliance on pills. It will save you money, and it may save you from some potentially dangerous side effects of many of the current diabetes medications.

However if you are treating your diabetes with medications (pills), some of the foods and spices discussed at this website may not be appropriate to consume without stopping or adjusting your diabetes medications. Talk with the doctor prescribing your medications about any new foods and dietary changes you make.

If you can avoid pills by living differently and eating differently, it will save you money and you won't have any side effects of medications you aren't taking! If you are already on pills, dietary control of diabetes benefits can help reduce our dependence on them. However, if you are on medications now, you must work with your doctor to understand them and understand how any changes you make in your diet and lifestyle will impact the effects of the medications on you.

If you are taking pills for diabetes control now, some of the foods which lower blood glucose levels can compound the blood glucose lowering effects of medications to the extent that you might put yourself at risk by consuming the foods without adjusting your medications appropriately.

Use common sense and be sure you fully understand your medications and that your doctor who prescribes them for you fully understands you and your goals with respect to your plans to change your diet.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!