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I am a type 2 diabetic diagnosed approximately two years ago (having been diabetic considerably longer without knowing it). My education is as a scientist (organic chemistry and computer science), and, if you will, I have used the 'scientific method' to address my type 2 diabetes by finding out what I was doing to exacerbate it's effects on me, and then to find out how to change my life and my diet to control my diabetes and its associated health problems both short term and long term.

I have found that the diabetic diet plan that I have evolved for myself (though much trial and experimentation) has allowed me to go from high blood glucose levels after meals to close to the normal range of blood glucose level for a non-diabetic after meals. So far 'lifestyle intervention' and this dietary control of diabetes has kept me off any diabetes medications, which are expensive and not without side effects and in my mind to be avoided as they do not address the overall picture of life as a type 2 diabetic. My dietary control of type 2 diabetes has brought my blood glucose levels under control, but it has also given me control over my LDL cholesterol levels, given me control of my blood pressure, and other aspects vital to cardiovascular health for which I am at risk as a type 2 diabetic - no matter how close I can get my blood glucose to the normal range of blood glucose expected for a non-diabetic.

I say I have 'evolved' this diabetic diet plan, because it is something that has changed with time - and improved with time. I hope by sharing what I have learned with you that I can jump start the evolution of your own diet and lifestyle changes to get you on the path to improvement faster than it took me to get where I am now.

Please pardon me if some of my descriptions of my earlier experiments with meals and diet show their age, as for what I did when I was first diagnosed I am relying on my notes from over 2 years ago now.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!