The facts about dietary control of type 2 diabetes presented here are based on the actual experiences of a type 2 diabetic who has reformed his diet, lifestyle and living habits to control his diabetes and reduce all of the risk factors for the complications of type 2 diabetes. Solely through lifestyle intervention and diabetic diet plan changes, learning how to lower blood glucose levels back toward a normal range of blood glucose level, lowering LDL cholesterol levels, lowering triglycerides, lowering blood pressure and losing weight, the author has proven that it is possible to stave off the use of pills and medications for treating type 2 diabetes - all entirely through lifestyle intervention and creating a diabetic diet plan which is heart healthy and diabetic friendly allowing even a return close to normal blood glucose levels for meals like the dragon fruit diabetes salad meal.

The primary focus of the Diabetic Life Diet website is on foods that aid in dietary control of type 2 diabetes blood glucose levels and promote a healthy life for a diabetic like me. Because type 2 diabetes puts you at risk for health problems beyond those caused directly by high blood glucose levels (the hallmark symptom of type 2 diabetes is to have your normal blood glucose level elevated beyond the normal range of blood glucose for the non-diabetic), our goal is to not only present foods which aid in addressing type 2 diabetes blood sugar control to get you back toward normal blood glucose levels, but also to present the foods which in general promote a healthy life - such as heart healthy foods. Eating and living a heart healthy life is an essential part of managing your life as a diabetic so as to avoid cardiovascular problems which can kill you outright if left ignored. We'll also talk about blood glucose meters and blood glucose monitor systems to track your blood glucose levels and test how your diabetic diet plan is working for you as you modify it to suit your own personal needs.

The pages at Diabetic Life Diet will first and foremost describe what foods worked for me to change my life - and which I can reliably and with assurance state made a significant difference for me personally as I discovered a diabetic diet plan which worked for me.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!