Diabetic Life Guide - Squeezing the meats

Diabetic Life Guide - squeezing our meats into shape: We'll go into complete detail elsewhere about why nuts, seeds and healthy oils like olive oil and  canola oil while calorific and with lots of fats are desirable. Having learned that, we also learned more about what meats really are lean meats and what we liked to pretend were lean meats but really weren't. So the meats we were accustomed to have on occasion started to get the squeeze, both from the limits of the number of calories in our type two diabetes diet we were evolving AND they got squeezed because the fats a lot of them had turned out to be the ones raising our LDL cholesterol, not lowering it!

So, while we still have meats as part of our type two diabetes diet, but our daily meat intake is now a single chicken tenderloin rather than a 16 oz ribeye. Hence, the involuntary evolution of our nearly vegetarian diabetic diet plan.

The fortunate result is that while we never would have believed it if you had asked us years ago, we prefer our fruit and nut based dragon fruit diabetes salad to the 16 oz steak. If only we can cut out the 30 grams of chicken...

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!