Diabetic Diet Guide - Meats have fats!

Diabetic Diet Guide - meats have fats, and not the good ones either! The second strike against meats was again related to our new found desire to actually understand what we were eating, not only how much, but what.

We didn't dwell upon what we did in the past, although we still marvel at it, but we did focus on what we were going to do in the future. What was our typical diabetic diet going to be to become a good diabetic diet? What goes into making a good diabetic diet beyond the simple diabetic meal plan to reduce blood glucose levels after meals? The answer relates to the often overlooked health consequences of being diabetic - the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease.

We needed to get our LDL cholesterol levels down, our triglycerides down, our blood pressure down, our HDL cholesterol levels higher...

Turns out, eating nice fatty rib eyes and crispy chicken skins weren't the ways to accomplish these goals.

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