My Type 2 Diabetes Whole Grains Experience

I have gotten up some preliminary pages up about my personal experience with my type 2 diabetes and whole grains and their impact on my blood sugar levels.

I hope it will be different for you, but I recommend being very wary of diabetic counselors, diabetes books and other sources (particularly those written by non-diabetics) which will tell you that the cure for high blood sugar levels in diabetes is merely to turn to whole grains.

In my experience, if you can't tolerate white rice, you can't just swap brown rice and expect to see any difference.

If you do the requisite lifestyle intervention and serious dietary control, you may be lucky and find that you can still eat whole grains and grains and cereals in general - but it is extremely unlikely that even in the best of circumstances you can keep to your 'pre-diabetes' lifestyle and diet merely by switching to whole grains for your muffins, pasta, breads and the like.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!