Diabetes Dragonfruit Salad Meal Record

Today we had what was likely a record lack of blood glucose level increase after eating the diabetes dragonfruit salad meal. Normally, we see at least some increase in blood sugar one hour after the end of the dragonfruit salad meal, but today with statistical accuracy of our blood glucose monitor system it was virtually unchanged from our pre-meal fasting blood glucose levels!

We are currently using dried ground hot chili peppers in the diabetes dragonfruit salad as well as including capsaicin diabetes control in our regular meal the evening before by using the habanero peppers diabetes diet we describe at the DiabeticLifeDiet website.

Our fasting blood sugar was 97, and one hour after we finished the dragonfruit salad meal it was only 103. Effectively it did not increase at all with the meal! This one is likely a record!

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!