Diabetes Diet Cure Question

Well, we've gotten our blood glucose levels down now to obscenely low levels after meals, and we're busy trying to figure out exactly what is doing it. Part is the ginger diabetes benefits we need to test carefully, possibly a red swiss chard diabetes effect, definitely the capsaicin diabetes control (absolutely no question about that) and the dragon fruit and Tibetan goji berries diabetes benefits...

However, is this the long sought after diabetes diet cure type two diabetes diet like those diabetic diet meal plans advertised as the miracle cures for diabetes in 30 days? Right now we are just enjoying having a blood glucose level of 90 one hour after a full meal that used to give us a level of 120 to 130 or more even with what we thought was a fully optimized diabetes diet system! Once we get it figured out more, we'll post some results to help share our understanding of it.

is it a diabetes diet cure - really 'curing' us so we aren't diabetic any longer? We doubt it highly.

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