Your Primary Care Physician

Even if your primary care physician is not a diabetes expert, if they have proven themselves to you as an excellent doctor in other regards, stick with them - but ask them to recommend someone who is a diabetes care expert.

Ask them to recommend resources for you. Ask them to help you find an eye doctor who is familiar with the problems caused by diabetes. Ask them to help you find a foot doctor familiar with diabetic foot care Use them as a resource for referrals to those who fill in the gaps of their knowledge.

Keep your primary care physician in the loop. Keep them involved, but do not rely upon them to be experts in diabetes care if they are not.

If they do not help, replace them. Diabetes is not a disease you can ignore. It won't heal on its own. You must constantly keep ahead of it, as it is a progressive disease which will never relent but just keep creeping up on you more and more. You need a competent and reliable partner in the medical profession who understand your unique case and will provide you with the best care. Don't settle for anything less.

Once again, you must be your own advocate and exercise your own common sense always.

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