Do not be Put Down and Treated Like You Can't Take Care of Yourself

I like to call this 'The Sin of Coddling and Disrespect' because it will make your progress against your diabetes slow or fail completely, and it is completely disrespectful of you as an individual.

There are two aspects to this affront against your integrity and health.


First is is what happens when you are told (most likely by your medical advisor) that something is 'good for a diabetic' or 'you are doing great for a diabetic' - meaning that your A1c is below 7.0, for example. Having an A1c of 7.0 is not 'good for a diabetic' or good for anyone else either! Do not be satisfied with being half way healthy.

You should be insulted by this treatment. People who assume that you can't take care of yourself and tell you that you are done when you are only part way to the finish line should be ashamed of themselves. It is your life that is at risk, and if your diabetes treatment is half way done, that should not be acceptable to you at all. You would not leave the surgery ward with your abdomen stitched only half way - and you should not leave your diabetes cured half way. Being 'half dead' from a fatal heart attack due to a half way diabetes treatment, does not happen. Do not be coddled at the expense of your long term health and life prospects.

False Promises

The second and equally harmful sin which will likely be committed against you (again it may well be by your medical advisor) is the assumption that you are unwilling or unable to do what it takes to heal yourself. The assumption will be that if you like sweets you will not be able to stop eating them, so you will be told (coddled again) that 'you are doing great' because you eat fewer sweets than you did before, even if you are still putting yourself at serious risk of diabetes derived health problems by NOT adhering to a strict enough control of your diet.

The promise that you can 'still' eat the way you used to is a lie. You will have to change. It is an insult to you to be told that you do not have to change. In most all likelihood you will have to change your diet and lifestyle substantially if your diabetes is at all severe. Anyone who says otherwise to 'make you feel better' or to 'make it easier for you' is not doing you a favor. They are hurting you.

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