Whole Grains for Diabetics | Dietary Control of Diabetes vs. Medication

First and foremost remember this website is about dietary control of diabetes and diabetes control through lifestyle intervention NOT about how to deal with diabetes through medication or insulin injections.

If you are taking diabetes medication with artificially lowers your blood glucose levels or take insulin, then your situation is absolutely different than that of someone avoiding medication through dietary control of their diabetes. If you are on a medication which is constantly lowering your blood glucose levels, you must eat to keep from having them go too low! If you are managing your diabetes through dietary control of diabetes and lifestyle changes like exercise and weight loss, then you do not have this problem!

Someone who is on a medication which causes their blood sugar to go down continuously must eat to avoid health risks (such as coma and death) because their blood sugar levels dropped to toxic levels. That person's best friend may be snacking on whole grain diabetic food plans! The perfect counter to the downward pressure of the medication may be for them to have whole grains in their diabetic diet plan! For example, if the medication makes their blood sugar keep going down all night - it may be the perfect night cap to have some whole grains late in the evening to keep their sugar levels UP during the night.

The opposite will be true for you!

As you are not managing your diabetes blood glucose levels with medication, your problem is not that your blood glucose levels are constantly being pushed down by medication. Your problem is that without the right diet your blood glucose levels are on the way up and up and up without the normal dropping after meals - and most specifically without the artificial dropping caused by any medication.

If you eat the same big serving of whole wheat bread or brown rice that the medicated diabetic eats, their medication presses down the blood glucose levels, you body likely will not. In spite of the beneficial fiber and extra nutrients in the whole grains - there is still too much carbohydrate in that serving for you as a non-medicated diabetic.

Do not mistake recommendations for medicated diabetics for advice that applies to you who are using dietary control of diabetes before resorting to medications!

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!