Whole Grains for Diabetics - vs. Those at Risk for Diabetes

As a diabetic using dietary control of diabetes for you self management of your diabetes, when considering the health benefits of whole grains for diabetics vs. the health benefits of whole grains for non-diabetics or those considered 'at risk for diabetes' but not yet with diabetes manifest:

First - remember you are not treating your diabetes with medication.

Second - recognize that your diet will be different than diabetic diets of those using medication because of that fact!

Third - remember that health benefits of whole grains for non-diabetics are substantial, but for you as a diabetic these whole grain benefits may be eclipsed by the carbohydrates in the whole grains.

Don't be mislead as a diabetic using dietary control of diabetes that whole grains for diabetics like you are just fine!

If you are lucky, you'll be able to eat whole grains in your diabetic diet at least with meals, and most certainly you should expect to be able to eat whole grains (as fresh and dried fruits) while exercising as on a long strenuous hike. Most likely, however, you will find that unless you are on medication to artificially lower your blood glucose levels no matter what you eat (and you are willing to tolerate the risks of that medication), you just can't eat whole grains in a diabetic diet as you would like. Small amounts with balanced meals, probably. Large amounts like big piles of nice brown rice with some chicken on top, not so likely.

If you can eat grains and cereals, then make sure you eat whole grains. The health benefits of eating whole grains vs. processed grains are tremendous. That is why for those 'at risk of diabetes' there is such a strong correlation between those people eating more whole grains and having a lower risk of developing diabetes in the future.

The difference is crucial. These are people who are 'at risk of diabetes' - not people who are already diabetic. The fact is that people who are 'at risk of diabetes' and change to a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet of eating whole grains in a diabetic avoidance strategy are doing themselves a huge favor by living better and truly reducing their risk of developing diabetes - by reforming their lifestyle and/or already living a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately for you, whether your lifestyle and diet contributed to your diabetes or not, the fact is that you have diabetes now and have to address that fact. It is unlikely that changing your diet to include whole grains will reverse the process that caused your diabetes to manifest itself. That is the sad reality.

Do not confuse studies and recommendations for those at risk for diabetes with what is required to address the disease of diabetes once it has arrived. The analogy might be that you can practice safe sex and avoid AIDS, but once you have it, you have it and must deal with it. Similarly, if your diabetes is caused by death of cells in your pancreas or another largely irreversible failure in your body's glucose metabolic cycle - it makes no difference what in your lifestyle, genes, or past diet caused that problem. You have it. Until the day comes when the cure is real, you have to live with it as best you can.

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SAFTEY REMINDER: Always test new foods in moderation and with caution!