Whole Grain for Diabetics | Studies show...

But the studies show whole grains for diabetics...

There are plenty of reports and studies of various qualities that show that living a healthy lifestyle and eating whole grains and exercising can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes. See the preceding pages on the difference between someone at risk of developing diabetes and a diabetic with the disease manifest.

You may see lots of 'studies' reported and claims that whole grains "suggest a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease in people who consume diets high in whole grains" and "whole grains appear to be beneficial with respect to insulin levels and potentially with respect to diabetes risk" or "the men who ate the least amount of whole grains had a 60% higher incidence of developing type 2 diabetes than those eating the highest level of whole grains..."

What is true in every one of those studies?

Every of those studies quoted involves those 'at risk of diabetes' not those with the disease already. I am aware of no study that shows that if you are a diabetic who is treating your diabetes through dietary control of diabetes and lifestyle intervention that changing to whole grains will cure your diabetes. Eating whole grains will always be better than eating processed grains. This will always be true, but eating whole grains is not going to cure your diabetes! Changing the way you live and what you eat can reduce your risks of diabetes complications to risk levels at or even below the 'normal' risk levels for non-diabetics. Unless you are so marginally diabetic that you really fall into the 'at risk' category yourself anyway, you need to manage or reform your entire diet and lifestyle to succeed for the long term without resorting the medications.

If your diabetes allows you to eat grains and you are still eating processed grains instead of whole grains - change to whole grains.

If you are continuing to eat grains and finding that your blood glucose levels are not acceptable because of that, switching to the same quantities and meals with merely substituting whole grains for processed grains will likely NOT correct that problem for you. You need to look beyond that quick fix - in spite of what you may read or hear.

Use your blood glucose monitor to verify this for your individual dietary control of diabetes program. If the recommended 'change your processed grains to whole grains for diabetics program' you are told should 'cure your diabetes' is not working, it may well not be something you are doing wrong, it is bad advice you are hearing and must ignore. Simply keeping your diet and lifestyle the same and changing to whole grains from processed grains is not a diabetes cure.

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